Indian River County Florida
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Utility Standards
Water & Wastewater Utility Standards

Utility Construction Permit Application
Utility Construction Permit Checklist
Utility Industrial Waste Permit Application

W-1 Fire Hydrant Detail and Valves (Location Detail)
W-2 Fire Hydrant Details
W-3 Manual 2” Blow Off
W-4 Water Service
W-5 Water Service (Outside of Right of Way)
W-6 Meter Box
W-7 Typical Pre-Plumbed Meter Box
W-8 Temporary Sampling Point
W-9 Flushing Connection
W-10 Double-Detector Check Valve Assembly
W-11 Backflow Preventer
W-12 Master Meter Combination Assembly
W-13 Temporary Jumper Detail
W-14 Temporary Jumper Detail Notes
R-1 Reuse Meter/Valve (Assembly Detail)
R-2 Reuse Pipe (Discharge Detail)
S-1 Standard Lateral (Shallow Sewer)
S-2 Modified Riser Lateral (Deep Sewer)
S-3 Sewer Lateral Riser (Deep or Shallow Sewer)
S-4 Standard Manhole Casting
S-5 Manhole Notes
S-6 Manhole Standard Shallow
S-7 Manhole Slab Top
S-8 Manhole Standard Deep
S-9 Manhole Type “A” Drop
S-10 Manhole Type “B” Drop
S-11 Pipe Opening Detail
S-12 Manhole Effluent & Influent
S-13 Force Main Tie-In
S-14 Typical Pumping Station (Plan)
S-15 Typical Pumping Station (Elevation)
S-16 Typical Pumping Station (Data Table & Notes)
S-17 Typical Pumping Station (Detail Sheet)
S-18 Typical Pumping Station (Electrical Details)
S-19 Typical Wastewater Duplex Pumping Station Electric Control Panel – (Inner Door Layout)
S-20 Typical Wastewater Pumping Station General Notes
S-21 Typical Wastewater Pumping Station Electrical and Generator Notes
M-1 Trench Detail (Unpaved Easements)
M-2 Trench Detail (Paved Areas & Shoulders)
M-3 Restraining (Schedule & Notes)
M-4 Utility Crossing
M-5 Valve and Box
M-6 Valve Box Pad
M-7 Below Ground Air Release Valve Manhole (Automatic Water/Wastewater)
M-8 Above Ground Air Release Valve Detail (Automatic Water/Wastewater)
M-9 Permanent Land Marker
M-10 Jack and Bore (Blocking Detail)
M-11 Casing Installation Details
M-12 Jack and Bore (Casing Vent)
M-13 Trace Wire Details
M-14 As-Built Drawing (Example)
M-15 As-Built Drawings
M-16 As-Built Drawings